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A community for people with food allergies

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Name:I Hate Food - People with Food Allergies
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This is a community for people with food allergies and/or autoimmune diseases which make their relationships with food complicated ones. The purpose of this community is to create a safe space for people with various types of intolerances, allergies or sensitivities to food to come and vent. If you do not have food allergies, it is highly unlikely you can understand how difficult it can sometimes be to avoid certain foods and to keep yourself safe. Not all food allergies are fatal, however, this does not mean that the effects are comfortable, tolerable, or anything of that nature. For instance, celiac disease (or coeliac/celiac sprue as it is sometimes called) is an autoimmune disease which causes a toxic reaction in the bodies of patients when they consume a protein called gluten (commonly found in wheat). Symptoms vary from little to no symptoms to serious gastric distress (abdominal pain, severe gas, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation), joint pain, severe headaches, foggy headedness, inability to concentrate, difficulty breathing, extreme fatigue and painful skin rashes (called 'dermatitis herpetiformis'), among many other symptoms not mentioned here. In other words, any amount of gluten (even a bread crum) can cause a reaction. This is the case with many food allergies, and the effects are never pleasant.

If you have food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities, and you're tired of hearing things like "a little bit won't hurt", "it's not like it's going to kill you", "you're being dramatic", the list goes on... then this is the community for you.

Also, if you are on an elimination diet and/or are in the process of trying to determine which food(s) you may be allergic to, you are welcome to join.

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